Domain Password Policy

Domain password policy

Your domain password is used along with your Camosun ID number (C0123456) to log in to your Camosun computer and may also be used for Colleague, Outlook Web Access, the Intranet, Transportation & Parking Online, VPN access, Library services, and other online services.

If you choose a password (7–14 characters long) it must contain:

  • at least one upper case letter;
  • at least one number; and
  • at least one special character (punctuation, etc.)

If you use a pass phrase (15+ characters long)

Passwords 15 characters and longer are considered pass phrases. Pass phrases do not require any special characters, numbers or uppercase letters but cannot contain any form of pattern. For example:

  • Repeating the same character more than three times: aaa, 222, (((, etc.
  • Repeating the same group of five or more characters: QWERTYQWERTY, sockssockssocks, etc.
  • Sequences of letters or numbers greater than four: 34567, abcde, 987654321, etc.

Camosun domain passwords expire three months from your last password reset. You should receive an email notification when your password is approaching its expiry date.

If you are having troubles setting or changing your password, you may be trying to use a password that has been identified as a bad password. This means that the password you are trying to use may have been compromised or is not secure enough. Please try another complex password.


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