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New app in Windows 10 that enables you to receive or provide assistance over a remote connection. We encourage you to try Quick Assist for a more streamlined, easy-to-use experience.
How to reset your password from a remote Camosun computer or laptop.
Acrobat Pro DC  - License already applied to all Staff and Faculty.
No need to request access.
Log into email online on any device connected to the internet
This article reviews how to share meeting management and creation.
This article outlines the differences between student access to Zoom meetings and employee Camosun Zoom accounts
This article reviews an error message which may occur when signing into SSO
Password Reset Instructions
An overview of the Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Blackboard Collaborate online video and collaboration tools.
This article reviews how to sign into the Zoom desktop application using Camosun's Single Sign-on Service.
This article outlines how to install the Zoom desktop application.
This article outlines how to claim a Camosun Zoom account and overviews the account provisioning process.
This article reviews the process of consolidating an independently purchased Zoom account with a Camosun issued one.
How to log in, view, edit, and export submissions from the Online Forms system
Change your photo for Microsoft365 apps.
Manually map network drive
Even though this was possible in the past, it is not possible nor is it desirable now. We have a regulatory obligation to protect sensitive data and we have no way to confirm that any college emails being forwarded won't contain documents or data which are sensitive or contain personal information.

Forwarding emails within our own domain is okay, but out to the other email providers is not best practice nor does it comply with our regulatory, privacy and security requirements.
To avoid a forced reboot and to ensure your laptop receives updated patches or instructions about how or when to apply these patches, it is best practice and recommended to do the following on a weekly basis, ideally on a Wednesday or Thursday.
To use your College-provided Samsun Galaxy A51 phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your phone's internet connection with other devices, you must first ensure it contains a SIM card.
Sharing a personal or shared calendar without giving permissions to view the entire calendar