Camosun issued Zoom Accounts - Email Address Change


This article overviews how the Username and Email Address Improvement Project impacts Zoom user accounts.


To support the Username and Email Address Improvement Project, ITS is making a change to our implementation of Zoom. This knowledge base describes the change and any impacts.

What is the change?

  1. ITS will be making the the primary format for email addresses for all employees. Existing email addresses with will continue to receive email into the one email inbox. More information on this can be found in the Project Overview.
  2. ITS will be claiming the email address within the Zoom platform in addition to the email address domain.

What does this change mean?

The following two impacts have been identified:

  1. If you have a Camosun issued Zoom account you may notice, as this project continues your email address, referenced in Zoom, may change from ending in to
  2. If you have created a Zoom account for personal or College use, independent of the Camosun issued Zoom account, using an email address you will be asked on your next login to either:
    • change your email address to a personal email address (if the Zoom account is for your personal use), or
    • convert your Zoom account over to a Camosun issued Zoom account.

How can I get help?

If this change causes any impacts to your Camosun issued Zoom account, please use the Zoom Request Form to request assistance. If you have any questions or to provide feedback on any other impacts as a result of this project, please use the project feedback form linked here.



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