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Camosun Service Portal

The Camosun Service Portal is a tool for Camosun Students, Employees, and the community that provides a way to request services from the departments and divisions at Camosun, as well as search for information on those services in the form of knowledge base articles. This tool has a user-friendly portal that structures services and knowledge base articles into categories.

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The Services area is an organized collection of services offered by divisions and departments using the Camosun Service Portal. The services listed here are searchable by you.

Currently, the following departments are using the Camosun Service Portal:

Communications & Marketing
Information Technology Services, and
Institutional Research and Planning.

Additionally, there are services related to the maintenance of our ERP system, Colleague.

In each service area you can view a description of the service, a list of related services and articles, and how to access or submit a request for that service.

Knowledge Base Articles

The Knowledge Base area is a centralized collection of information about the services and applications offered. This includes how-to guides, FAQs, training materials, and more.

Get Support

If you need assistance with the Camosun Service Portal, please use the follow service area: Camosun Service Portal Help