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Colleague, myCamosun & Web Report Services

This service area outlines services related to the management of Colleague. Colleague supports Student, Finance, and Human Resource business processes, as well as self-service functionality through myCamosun and Camlink for students and employees.

The services listed below are available to employees only.

To report a technical issue, e.g., Colleague appears to be offline, please use a service available within ITS' Service Catalog so that your request is correctly routed using the following link:

Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing supports the College in managing the content of the website, media relations, strategic communications and special event planning.


The eLearning team helps the Camosun College community use web-based technology for an engaging and accessible learning experience. We also provide technical support for both students and staff and our main focus tools are D2L, Zoom, and Kaltura.

We are happy to help you with your requests and we also have a handy tutorial page that includes extensive step-by-step tutorials for navigating D2L, Zoom, and Kaltura. Check it out with this link:

Please note: sometimes emails from us via this portal will be sent to your spam folder. Please don't forget to check there.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS provides support to enable learning, education, and the administration of the college by supporting computing, networking, security, printing, and many other technology systems and services.

Institutional Research (IR)

Institutional Research (IR) provides data-driven insights that inform the college's decision-making processes. They collect, analyze, and report on a wide range of data, including student demographics, enrollment patterns, graduation rates, and student outcomes. These insights inform the college's strategic planning, resource allocation, policy development, and Educational Quality Assurance processes.

Service Overview
Use this service to request data, information, research and survey support from the Institutional Research team.

Print and Graphic Services

Services offered by Print and Graphic Services department

myCamosun Plus Support

For UMO, UPASS, and AddMySIN support on the myCamosun+ App


Our collaboration rooms are dedicated to making. Learn new skills, try out technology for making, borrow books and technology from the makerspace or attend one of our free workshops.
Book an initial consultation, or class tour of the Makerspace, request the use of equipment or submit a 3D model for printing.