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Services or Offerings?
Use this service to get support or report issues with Colleague or myCamosun.

Use this service to unlock your Colleague Legacy and Camlink Account.

This service is for Student, Finance, and Human Resource business process delivered through Legacy Colleague and as well as self-service functionality Camlink.

This form is for Work Place Leaders to request, change, or remove access to Colleague, myCamosun, and related Web Reports.

Use this form to request a student specific program substitution, override, or waiver. Student Records will complete the EXOV configuration.

Use this service to request a grade change that will be completed by Student Records.

This is for Instructors who wish to add other faculty to their courses for the purpose of sharing content.

Report a technical issue with the Web Report system.

Please use this service to request, change, or off board a Camosun employee domain account for a new employee, gain access to shared mailboxes and share drives, and request a computer. All Staff and Faculty automatically receive a Camosun Email account and more....