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[!] Is something broken? Report an Issue

[*] Report an IT Security Incident


Access - Request, Change, or Remove Access for Faculty or Staff

Accessing Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Accommodation Help

Adding Additional Faculty to a Course

Adobe Contribute - Request Support

Adobe Creative Cloud - Staff & Faculty - Request Software

Assignment Help

Assignment Help

AV Equipment Loans

AV Events


Backing up Bookmarks for transferring devices. - without signing into a browser


CamNews Submission

Camosun Password Assistance - Change, Reset, and Unlock - Report a Technical Issue - Website Feedback and Support

Cannot Locate a Collaborate Recording

Cannot Locate a Collaborate Recording

CFAS - Report an Issue

Check My Quiz Settings

Classroom Tech Orientation

Classroom Technology Equipment - Report an Issue

Clockwork - Request Support (CAL Employees Only)

Collaborate: Creating and Running a Collaborate Session

Colleague - Information and Data Requests

Colleague and myCamosun - Grade Change Request

Colleague Legacy and Camlink - Report an Issue

Colleague Legacy and Camlink - Unlock your Legacy account

Colleague, myCamosun and Web Report - Access Request

Colleague, myCamosun and Web report - Support Request

Computer (Laptop or Desktop) - Request a New Device and/or Configuration Support

Computer and Devices - Report an Issue


Content Help

Content Help

Course Copy Help

Course Merge Request

Create a Student Extension

Creating and Running a Collaborate Session


D2L - Report an Issue

D2L: Adding Additional Faculty to a Course

D2L: Course Copy Help

D2L: Course Merge Request

D2L: Gradebook Help

Data or Information Request

DEV Course Request

Digital Signage (Brightsigns)


Email - Report an Issue

Employee Email Address Format Change Support

Employee User Name Simplification Change Support

Enrollment Issues

Enrollment Issues


Faculty Connect - Report an Issue

Faculty Connect - Software Feedback

File and folder - Back up Management

File and folder - Restore a Lost or Deleted File


General Software - Request New

General Software - Request Support

Gradebook Help

Gradebook Help

Graphic Design Request

Graphic Reprints Only


Humanitix Software Pilot Request


I Cannot Login to D2L

I Cannot Play Audio / Video

I Cannot Play Audio / Video

I Need Help With Course Media

I Need Help With Course Media

I Need Help with Kaltura Capture

I Need Help with Kaltura Capture

I Need Help With My Media

I Need Help With My Media

I Need Help with Video Captions (REV)

ID Producer - Report an Issue

ID Works - Report an Issue

Infosilem - Report a Technical Issue (For DMSS Use Only)

Infosilem Campus - Access the Portal

Infosilem Campus - Request Support

Instructional Designer Consult Request

Interactive Maps

Intranet - Report an Issue

Intranet - Request Support

iOS App Support - App Install Request

ITS Capital Request Service


Kaltura: I Need Help With My Media


Lab Computer - Report an Issue

Laptop cart loans

Library Laptop Loaner Reimaging

ListServ - Report an Issue


M:Drive - special cases use request

Master Course Request

Microsoft 365 - Office Products for Students and Home Use

Microsoft 365 Office Products - Report an Issue

Microsoft Teams - Report an Issue

Microsoft Teams - Request a Team

Microsoft Teams - Request Support

Microsoft Teams Retention Schedule

My Issue is Not Listed

My Issue is Not Listed

My Issue is Not Listed - Student

My Media / Course Media is Down

My Mic / Sound / Camera is Not Working

My Mic / Sound / Camera is Not Working

myCamosun Student Access


Name Change - Request a Personal Name Change


OneDrive - Report an Issue

OneDrive - Request Support

Online Forms - Create a New Web Form

Online Forms - Modify an Existing Web Form

Online Forms - Report an Issue

Online Forms - Request Support

Opting-in and Accessing Adobe Products - STUDENTS ONLY

Other Collaborate Help

Other Collaborate Help

Other D2L Help

Other D2L Help

Other Kaltura Help

Other Kaltura Help


Papercut - Report an Issue

PCI Support

Peripherals, accessories and Technology - Request Miscellaneous Hardware and Support

Phone - Request a Phone

Phone Line - Add, Change, or Disconnect a Phone Line

Phone Line - Report an issue

Phone Number - Request a Change

Photo and Video services

Pitch us your story!

Print queue - Clear or reset a print queue

Printer - Report an Issue

Printer and Photocopiers - Supply Request



QR Code Generator

Quiz Help

Quiz Help


Redirect Messages to

Report a Phishing Attempt

Request a recording from a Workshop

Research Report Request

Respondus Lockdown Browser Help

Respondus Lockdown Browser Help


Service Management Portal - Provide Feedback

Service Management Portal - Report an Issue

Service Management Portal - Request Support

Session Will Not Load / Cannot Enter into a Session

Session Will Not Load / Cannot Enter into a Session

Setting up a new computer

Shared Drives - Request Drive or increase Space

Shared Email and Calendar - Request New or Change Existing Account

SharePoint - Request Support

SharePoint (Hub) - Report an Issue

SharePoint (Hub) - Request a New Site

SharePoint 365 - Report an Issue

SharePoint 365 - Request a New Site

Software Support - Request Software Support or to Install or Remove Software

Survey Support Request


Transportation and Parking Online (Employees Only) - Report an Issue


Video and Audio Conferencing - Report an Issue

Video and Audio Conferencing - Service Request

Virtual Machines - Report an Issue

Virtual Machines - Request Support or a change to a VM

VPN - Cisco AnyConnect VPN Installation and Assistance

VPN - Report an Issue


Web Development - General Inquiries

Web Reports - Report an Issue

Where are my Videos?

Where is My Course?

Windows 10 to Windows 11 Rollout

Wired Internet - New Dataport Request

Wired Internet - Report an Issue

Wired Internet - Request Support

Wireless Internet - Report an Issue

Wireless Internet - Request Support

Wordpress - Compsci faculty for Student sites

WordPress Help


Zoom - Report an Account, Web Client, or Zoom Application Issue

Zoom - Request a Zoom Webinar License for an Upcoming Virtual Event

Zoom - Sign in to Zoom and Get an Account (Employees Only)

Zoom Email Domain Change Support

Zoom Help (Instructor)

Zoom Help (Student)