Adding Additional Faculty to a Course

This is for Instructors who wish to add other faculty to their courses for the purpose of sharing content or co-teaching. You can request Instructor Access, Content Access, Guest Instructor Access, or Instructional Assistant Access.

Please note, it must be the "owner" of the site who requests access for others. If you are requesting access for yourself to be added to another course, you will need to upload written consent from the instructor approving you being added (like a screenshot of an email with their name, email address, the course, and the role you should have).

Exporting Grades to MyCamosun: For adding additional instructors to a live site with the ability to export grades from D2L to MyCamosun at the end of the semester, you will need to contact Scheduling to have them update the page in Colleague. Once the additional instructor is added to the Colleague page, D2L will automatically enroll them. 

To request help, just click "Request Service" and fill out the form!


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