D2L is Camosun's Learning Management System. Here is where courses are hosted, content is posted, and where you can access Kaltura and Collaborate.

Services (16)

Accommodation Help

Needing help creating or modifying accommodations for your students?

Adding a Substitute Instructor Due to Illness

This is for Instructors (or Chairs) who wish to add other faculty to courses for the purpose of substitution only.

Adding Additional Faculty to a Course

This is for Instructors who wish to add other faculty to their courses for the purpose of sharing content or co-teaching.

Assignment Help

Struggling to create an Assignment or an Assignment Dropbox?

Check My Quiz Settings

Want to make sure your quiz is set up properly?

Content Help

Unsure how to upload documents your course content? Is something missing? Let us know!

Course Copy Help

This is for instructors who are trying to copy course components from one course to another.

Course Merge Request

A course merge is when we combine two of the same offerings into one course shell for ease of teaching and posting content.

Create a Student Extension

Instructors can request this for students completing an "I" grade or who have had to delay the course due to illness, family member's death, etc.

DEV Course Request

Instructors can request a DEV site to build content in. These sites do not contain students.

Enrollment Issues

Are some of your students missing? Or instructors? Let us know!

Gradebook Help

Struggling to set up your Gradebook? Are Grade Items not weighted correctly? Let us know and we can help you!

Master Course Request

These are course sites designed to assist instructors with the development and distribution of online content, activities and assessments across multiple course sections.

Respondus Lockdown Browser Help

Need help setting up Respondus Lockdown Browser? Is something not working right? Let us know!

Quiz Help

Need help creating a Quiz? Unsure how to configure your settings? Let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Other D2L Help

Can't find the service you need? Just click here and we'll help!