My Recently Visited Services

Use this service to provide feedback on and get support for the Camosun College website.

Request, change, or off board a Staff and Faculty domain account for a new or current employee, gain access to shared mailboxes and share drives. All Staff and Faculty receive a Camosun Email account, Microsoft Apps (Office365), Adobe Acrobat Pro (for editing PDFs)

Use this service to get support or report issues with Colleague or myCamosun.

Request support to install an iOS app to be installed on your iOS device, e.g., iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Request support for software used within your department and on your workstations.

Camosun employees can use the following service link to sign in to their Camosun issued Zoom account.

Trying to find your videos that you created?

Needing help creating or modifying accommodations for your students?

Carts with laptops delivered to the classroom for the duration of the class.
Not used for single device requests.

Report an issue with classroom technology equipment in ITS-supported classrooms. ITS will have a technician available ASAP to assist you.

Request applications within the Adobe suite / Creative Cloud of products,
Available for Staff and Faculty with specific business needs requiring these software apps.
Approval may be required.

Change, Reset, and Unlock your Camosun Domain Account to login to our online services, e.g., Microsoft 365, VPN, labs, and D2L.

Report an issue with the Papercut print management software used for student and affiliate printing.

Request a printer queue be reset or cleared.

Report an issue with a printer related to access, toner, or other.

Some of our online workshops are recorded. If it has been indicated one has been recorded and you would like to see the recording use this service to request it.

Can't find the service you need? Just click here and we'll help!

Camosun employees can use this service to request a Zoom Webinar license to host an event.

Contact us for more information on Microsoft Teams, Live Events, and to request support.

Use this form to request a change or enhancement to an existing Web Report, or request a new Web Report.

Request to have a new Camosun computer and/or device set up with the necessary software and settings configured.

Use this service to unlock your Colleague Legacy and Camlink Account.

Struggling with captions? Want help to create them (with REV Captioning Support)?

Report an issue with a ListServ mailing list.