My Recently Visited Services

Please use this service to request, change, or off board a Camosun employee domain account for a new employee, gain access to shared mailboxes and share drives, and request a computer. All Staff and Faculty automatically receive a Camosun Email account and more....

Report an issue with classroom technology equipment in ITS-supported classrooms. ITS will have a technician available ASAP to assist you.

Use this service to unlock your Colleague Legacy and Camlink Account.

Phishing is an attempt to trick someone into revealing sensitive information to be used to by an unauthorized party to access or use information. If you received an email that looks 'phishy' you can work with ITS to confirm the validity of the email.

Change, Reset, and Unlock your Camosun Domain Account to login to our online services, e.g., Microsoft 365, VPN, labs, and D2L.

Report an issue with your Camosun email.

Request a new or make a change to an existing departmental or shared email address or calendar.

This service is for Student, Finance, and Human Resource business process delivered through Legacy Colleague and as well as self-service functionality Camlink.

Request a change to your display name for your email address.

Request support connecting to wireless (Eduroam, Camosun, and Camosun Guest) networks, creating a guest account, and wireless devices.

Request a phone for your office or mobile phone.

Report an issue with a printer related to access, toner, or other.

Report any issues you have connecting to wireless Internet at Camosun.

Reporting an issue with on-campus wired Internet connectivity.

This service is to be used by the eLearning department to report issues with integrations or authentication with D2L.

Report an issue with a Microsoft product, e.g., Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Request a conference phone, one-time conference setup, accounts, and equipment (e.g., projector, and cameras).

Report an issue with the Papercut print management software used for student and affiliate printing.

Use this service to report a technical issue with For content updates, use the " - Website Feedback and Support" link above.

Request a shared drive or more space for your departmental or shared drive.

Manage numbers and access for phone lines, voicemail and directories

Request to have a new Camosun computer or device set up with the necessary software and settings configured.

Book an appointment with a photographer.

Request a printer queue be reset or cleared.