Kaltura is used for recording audio, video, and presentations. These videos can then be published to a course's "Course Media" for public viewing or a user's "My Media" for private viewing.

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I Cannot Play Audio / Video

Can't seem to get your audio or video working right in your course? Let us know!

I Need Help With Course Media

Struggling with your Course Media? Just fill out this form and we'll help!

I Need Help with Kaltura Capture

Struggling to use Kaltura Capture for recording things on your screen as well as a video / voiceover? Kaltura Capture is great for this, but can be tricky!

I Need Help With My Media

Need help uploading videos in My Media? Or something else? Just let us know!

Other Kaltura Help

Not seeing what you are looking for with our Kaltura Student Services? Just let us know!