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Information security is a concern for students, faculty, and staff. An Information Security Incident could mean lost or stolen data or workstations, active ransomware attacks, malware, computer viruses, and/or compromised user accounts. Use this link to report an information security incident to ITS.

This page will indicate how to opt-in and access Microsoft 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Needing help creating or modifying accommodations for your students?

The Audiovisual Services loans out equipment on a short–term basis including digital cameras, camcorders, tripods, audio recording devices and more. If we dug around deep enough we could probably find you a filmstrip projector.

You’ll need a Camosun ID card to borrow equipment. Book your AV devices through the ITS Service Portal .

AV Events

Steps used to back up book marks.
To be saved in OneDrive for easy swapping of devices.

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Change, Reset, and Unlock your Camosun Domain Account to login to our online services, e.g., Microsoft 365, VPN, labs, and D2L.

You are unable to find the recordings of your previous sessions

This service should be used by the Office of the Registrar to report issues with the CFAS , i.e., the Camosun Financial Aid System, which is used to administer the student loan process.

Learn about classroom technology in any classroom on campus.

Report an issue with classroom technology equipment in ITS-supported classrooms. ITS will have a technician available ASAP to assist you.

Camosun Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) employees can use this service to request support with the Clockwork system.

This form is for Work Place Leaders to request, change, or remove access to Colleague, myCamosun, and related Web Reports.