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Request help with data ports, ethernet and fiber connections, and other wired networking needs.

Request support connecting to wireless (Eduroam, Camosun, and Camosun Guest) networks, creating a guest account, and wireless devices.

Request support for OneDrive

Request a printer queue be reset or cleared.

Request support in restoring a lost or deleted file from a file share.

Information security is a concern for students, faculty, and staff. An Information Security Incident could mean lost or stolen data or workstations, active ransomware attacks, malware, computer viruses, and/or compromised user accounts. Use this link to report an information security incident to ITS.

Request to have a new Camosun computer or device set up with the necessary software and settings configured.

Request assistance to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

Report any issues you have connecting to wireless Internet at Camosun.