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About Zoom

Zoom is a conferencing tool that offers video, audio, and screen-sharing capabilities across multiple platforms.

Service Details

Available to:

  • Camosun Employees

Use this service to:

  • Claim your employee Camosun Zoom Account (on first logon)
  • Access the Zoom web client to book a meeting.
  • Click here to sign in.

Please note:

  • Important: If you have purchased a Zoom account that uses your @camosun.bc.ca email address please review our Knowledge Base (KB) article on Zoom Account Consolidation.
  • Information is available on the differences between our video conferences tools can be found within the Online Video Collaboration Resources KB.
  • Camosun's implementation of Zoom is BC FIPPA compliant, ensuring that communication, chat, and recorded videos remain in Canada.

How to Get a Camosun Zoom Account

ITS issued Camosun Zoom accounts are available to faculty and staff to create meetings for both instructional and administrative purposes. Zoom Webinars events can be created, on your behalf, by ITS upon request using the Zoom - Request a Webinar service.

Camosun Employees

Basic Zoom Accounts

All Camosun staff have been provisioned a Camosun Basic Zoom account, which will be activated by using the sign in link on this page.

Licensed Zoom Accounts

Due to the limited number of Licensed Accounts available Camosun Licensed Zoom accounts will be provisioned to:

  1. instructional staff who are listed as the instructor on a for credit course in the previous, current, or upcoming academic term.
  2. other staff, based on a request from an employee's Work Place Leader

Camosun Employees in these categories will be provisioned a Camosun Licensed Zoom account by using the sign in link on this page.

Account Provisioning Process

Please see the Account Provisioning Process Knowledge Base article for more information this process.

Camosun Students 

Students are able to access or log into any Zoom meeting or webinar that is created using their Camosun ID and using the Single Sign-on page. Camosun students, at this time, have not been provisioned a Camosun Zoom account.


Documentation to support your use of Camosun Zoom is available within the ITS' Zoom Knowledge Base as well as Camosun's Libguides



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