Zoom - Differences between Student Access and Employee Accounts

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Zoom Differences between Students and Employees

Options Students Employees
Zoom Basic Account N/A Provisioned to:
- All Employees
Zoom License Account N/A Provisioned to:
- Instructors
- Requested Accounts
Zoom Meeting Attendance
- via shared link w/
registration required
- Using Camosun ID
- Using Camosun ID

Account Type Differences

Camosun employees may either have a Basic or Licensed Account. Here are those differences:

Basic Accounts Licensed Accounts

A basic user can host meetings with up to 100 participants. If 3 or more participants join, the meeting will time out after 40 minutes. They cannot utilize user and account add-ons such as larger meetings, webinar, or the conference room connector.

A licensed user is a paid account user who can host unlimited meetings on the public Canadian cloud. By default, they can host meetings with up to 300 participants. Licensed users have these additional features available:

  • Customize Personal Meeting ID
  • Record to the Zoom cloud
  • Be an alternative host
  • Assign others to schedule and schedule on behalf of
  • Utilize account add-ons such as conference room connector
  • Be assigned user add-ons such as large meeting, webinar, or personal audio conference
  • Customize Personal Link, if on a business or education account

Zoom Sign-in process

Please see the following diagram outling the signin process for the Zoom application and Zoom meetings:

When is Single Sign-on Required

The Camosun Single Sign-on is required when the following setting is enabled on Zoom Meetings:

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