Zoom is a conferencing tool, available to the College, that offers video, audio, and screen-sharing capabilities across multiple platforms.

Articles (9)

Camosun issued Zoom Accounts - Email Address Change

This article overviews how the Username and Email Address Improvement Project impacts Zoom user accounts.

Online Video Collaboration Resources

An overview of the Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Blackboard Collaborate online video and collaboration tools.

Zoom - "Shared" Employee Accounts and Meetings

This article reviews how to share meeting management and creation.

Zoom - Differences between Student Access and Employee Accounts

This article outlines the differences between student access to Zoom meetings and employee Camosun Zoom accounts

Zoom - Employee Account Provisioning Process

This article outlines how to claim a Camosun Zoom account and overviews the account provisioning process.

Zoom - How to Sign in to the Zoom Desktop Application using SSO

This article reviews how to sign into the Zoom desktop application using Camosun's Single Sign-on Service.

Zoom - Something went wrong while you tried signing in with SSO

This article reviews an error message which may occur when signing into SSO

Zoom - Consolidating an Existing Zoom Account with a Camosun Zoom Account

This article reviews the process of consolidating an independently purchased Zoom account with a Camosun issued one.

Zoom - How to Install the Zoom Desktop Application

This article outlines how to install the Zoom desktop application.