Zoom is a conferencing tool, available to the College, that offers video, audio, and screen-sharing capabilities across multiple platforms.

Articles (8)

Online Video Collaboration Resources

An overview of the Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Blackboard Collaborate online video and collaboration tools.

Zoom - "Shared" Employee Accounts and Meetings

This article reviews how to share meeting management and creation.

Zoom - Differences between Student Access and Employee Accounts

This article outlines the differences between student access to Zoom meetings and employee Camosun Zoom accounts

Zoom - Employee Account Provisioning Process

This article outlines how to claim a Camosun Zoom account and overviews the account provisioning process.

Zoom - How to Sign in to the Zoom Desktop Application using SSO

This article reviews how to sign into the Zoom desktop application using Camosun's Single Sign-on Service.

Zoom - Something went wrong while you tried signing in with SSO

This article reviews an error message which may occur when signing into SSO

Zoom - Consolidating an Existing Zoom Account with a Camosun Zoom Account

This article reviews the process of consolidating an independently purchased Zoom account with a Camosun issued one.

Zoom - How to Install the Zoom Desktop Application

This article outlines how to install the Zoom desktop application.