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"Shared" Employee Accounts

ITS is unable to create "Shared" Camosun-issued Zoom accounts. These kind of accounts where a user's name and password are shared between a small group are not permitted for general use within Zoom and are counter to best practices related to identity management and account security.

Shared Zoom Meetings

It is possible for more than one person to have the ability to edit a shared Zoom meeting using Zooms Schedule Privilege functionality. With Schedule Privilege enabled you can allow individuals to edit meetings you create and vice-versa.

How to enable Schedule Privilege

After logging into your Camosun Zoom account click on to Settings and then Other and review the Schedule Privileges area.

Using the + button you should be able to assign another Camosun employee, who has a Licensed Account, the ability to schedule and edit your meetings.

Please note, when adding them they must already have a Camosun Zoom (Licensed) Account and you must use their email in the following format email@camosun.bc.ca, as noted below.

You should be able to review who you can schedule for as well as who can schedule for you.

Clicking the X button will remove that person from the list.

Once this is configured you can use the Search drop down in the Meetings are of Zoom to select from whom you would like schedule, or edit, a meeting for.


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