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Knowledge Base and "How Do I..." articles on the technology you need to succeed in your teaching and learning at Camosun College.

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Getting Started with the ITS Service Portal

Guides for using the Knowledge, Service Catalog, etc. on the ITS Service Portal site and articles linking to popular resources for students, faculty, and staff.

IT Policies, Procedures, and Standards

The use of ITS provided services and supported technology, including but not related to Camosun's infrastructure and software systems are subject to the policies referenced here.

ITS Projects and Initiatives

ITS is often engaged in various projects to support the delivery of education here at Camosun. This Knowledge Base will serve as a resource for information with on-going initiatives and projects.

Account, Email and Identity Management

Camosun Email Tips and Tricks
How to Request new or changes to user accounts
Change my Camosun Domain password

Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual (AV) services provide support for classroom and meeting room technology, college wide events and short term AV equipment loans. AV services works in consultation with staff to define requirements and solutions as part of the Quarterly ITS Capital Planning process.

Computers, Labs, Files and Software

View a list of standard software and device offerings, and how to request what you need.
Tip and Tricks on some of our standard software, including O365 and Adobe.
How to check your quota and request more space

Enterprise Software

ITS supported software systems used at Camosun, e.g., Colleague, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Service Management Portal (TDx), and others.

IT Security

Tips for recognizing a phishing attempt
How to check for a virus or malware on your device

Phones, Call Centre

*All new landline phones will no longer have a red light indicating a voicemail message. Voicemails are now sent via email and can be listened to and deleted from your email or via the voicemail system.

Tips and Tricks - cell phones, softphones, land lines
How to - add email and Teams to your mobile device
How to - use a conference phone

Printing Services

Tips and tricks on printing, and MFD's.

Websites and Related Services

Documentation on web applications, web services, and web development.

Wifi, VPNs, Networks and Servers

ITS provides server and network support including Wi-Fi, wired, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access.

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