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HOW TO's for the technology you need to succeed in your teaching and learning

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Getting Started with the ITS Service Portal

Guides for using the Knowledge, Service Catalog, etc. on the ITS Service Portal site and articles linking to popular resources for students, faculty, and staff.

Account, Email and Identity Management

Camosun Email Tips and Tricks
How to Request new or changes to user accounts
Change my Camosun Domain password

Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual (AV) supports classroom technology and equipment requests, photo and video services, as well as AV equipment lending.

Computers, Labs, and Software

coming soon - View a list of standard software and device offerings, and how to request what you need.
Tip and Tricks on some of our standard software, including O365 and Adobe.
How to check your quota and request more space

Enterprise Application Software

The ITS supported software systems used at: Colleague, D2L, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Office 365, Service Management Portal, and others.

Information Security

Tips for recognizing a phishing attempt
How to check for a virus or malware on your device

Infrastructure Services

ITS provides Wifi Network Access; Wired Network Support, Virtual Private Network (VPN), File Management, and other services to meet your needs.

Phones, Call Centre

Tips and Tricks - cell phones, softphones, land lines
How to - add email and Teams to your mobile device
How to - use a conference phone

Printing and Graphics Services

Tips and tricks on printing, and MFD's.

Website Services

Documentation on web applications, web services, and web development.

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Pinned Article Report a Problem- Quick Links

Quick links for frequently reported issues are provided below

Change photo in Outlook

Change your photo for Microsoft365 apps.

Forced Reboots: Best Practices for using Camosun laptops

To avoid a forced reboot and to ensure your laptop receives updated patches or instructions about how or when to apply these patches, it is best practice and recommended to do the following on a weekly basis, ideally on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Update or Sign in to Acrobat Pro

Acrobat Pro DC  - License already applied to all Staff and Faculty.
No need to request access.