Account Activation and Password Resets

Activating your Camosun Domain Account

Activation: Activate your Camosun domain account online
User ID: Your Camosun ID
Default password: Your birthday formatted MMDDYY
Reset password: Reset your password at
For more details see Resetting your Camosun domain password

Resetting passwords

Online services at Camosun may use different usernames and passwords. For information on different accounts and online services see the Student Accounts page.

Reset your Camosun domain password

You can reset your Camosun domain password online.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Camosun ID
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions


You can use a password (7-10 characters) or passphrase (11 or more characters).

  • At least one UPPERCASE letter
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least 1 number
  • No repeating characters (aaa, 111)
  • No repeating groups of five or more (sockssocks)
  • No sequences of five or more (abcde, 12345)

If you can’t reset your Camosun domain password

between 8am and 4 pm Monday to Friday you can either

Outside of these hours please email ITS Service Desk at 

Single sign-on

Camosun’s single sign-on service allows you to log in to multiple services using your Camosun domain account.

Connected services

Desire2Learn (D2L)

Desire2Learn is Camosun’s online course platform. Help with D2L is available through the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Education That Works

Education That Works is Camosun’s Co-op and Careers portal.


 myCamosun is Camosun's Student Registration System.

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