Tips for recognizing a phishing attempt
How to check for a virus or malware on your device

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Cyber Security Best Practices

Contains information about how you can practice good cyber hygiene!

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Adding Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in 4 Easy Steps!

Setting up Camosun College MFA on your phones in four easy steps.

Conditional Access

An explanation of Conditional Access and how it may apply to Camosun employees

Email Phishing Awareness

An overview of how to identify phishing email attempts

How To Send Secure and Encrypted Emails

A detailed guide on how to send and receive encrypted email with your Camosun account

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) FAQ

Frequently asked questions on multifactor authentication (MFA) for Camosun College

Report Spam or Phishing Emails

An overview of how to report spam or phishing in Outlook 2019 or Microsoft 365 Webmail

Scan Windows 10 PC for Viruses

An overview of how to run a virus scan on your Windows 10 PC

Set Up Microsoft Authenticator

A guide to set up Microsoft Authenticator for Multi-factor Authentication

Staying Cyber Safe While Traveling

Tips for staying Cyber Safe while travelling on College business.

Using Microsoft Authenticator

A guide on how to use the Microsoft Authenticator application