BitLocker Encryption - What You Need to Know

BitLocker Encryption - What You Need to Know

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker Drive Encryption, simply known as BitLocker, is a Microsoft Windows security and encryption feature included with certain newer versions of the Windows operating system. BitLocker enables users to encrypt everything on the drives that Windows is installed on. This protects data on hard drives from theft or unauthorized access. BitLocker improves file and system protections by mitigating unauthorized data access.

BitLocker Process

When the BitLocker process starts, you may see one or both of these pop ups, please follow the directions below if you do.,

Click [Close] to dismiss the screen.

Your computer will display the following message when it is ready to begin the BitLocker encryption process:

Dismiss this screen by pressing [Postpone], [Start] or the “x” to close the window. The BitLocker encryption process will start regardless of which method is employed to dismiss the screen and will take place in the background.

NOTE: You may continue using your computer during the encryption process. There will not be a reboot required.


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