Conditional Access

What is Conditional Access?

In order to keep our security and privacy protocols aligned with industry standards, the IT Services Department is introducing Conditional Access policies. Conditional Access makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to access sensitive data in the case of an account compromise. Account compromise is when a hacker steals credentials to break into a secured account—like the college assigned one you use for your e-mail, Teams, OneDrive, etc. Conditional Access requires users to provide additional verification of their identity when logging into apps and services under certain conditions. You may already be using Conditional Access when you login to online banking, health services, etc. Most often verification comes in the form of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) where you use a mobile app, SMS or personal email address to prove that you are the one trying to access the account.

Conditional Access may be required when:

  • Logging into any Microsoft 365 app, including Outlook Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or Sharepoint


How do employees login when Conditional Access is Required?

Your primary verification is your Camosun username and password. Additional verification (MFA) can be established using the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app, which is available for Apple and Android phones/tablets. Instructions on how to install MS Authenticator are here. There are other authenticators available, and employees may use these instead if they are more familiar with the platform, however support from IT Services for these tools will be at a best-effort. Learn about using the Authenticator app after you have set it up here.

You can use this "Choose Your Own Adventure" style form to see if you may require the additional MFA verification.


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