Change Password Remotely - Camosun Computers

If you are having troubles setting or changing your password, you may be trying to use a password that has been identified as a known bad password or it is not secure enough.
Please try another complex password.

Change Password Remotely - Camosun computers

  1. Ensure you are connected to the VPN
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
  3. Select > Change a Password
  4. Enter your current password
  5. Enter your New password (twice to confirm)
  6. Press Enter
  7. Click Ok and you are successfully back into your desktop
  8. Enter the new password to access Office 365 when prompted

* Note: If you reset your password by another means (via , the VPN client, or on another computer), the remote computer will not know that your password has changed until you have taken the following steps:

  1. Login to the computer using your old password
  2. Connect to the VPN using your new password
  3. Lock your computer (Windows-L, or click on Start, then the face icon, then Lock)
  4. Login to the computer with your new password


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