Colleague, myCamosun and Web Reports

This service area outlines services related to the management of Colleague. Colleague supports Student, Finance, and Human Resource business processes, as well as self-service functionality through myCamosun and Camlink for students and employees.

The services listed below are available to employees only.

To report a technical issue, e.g., Colleague appears to be offline, please use a service available within ITS' Service Catalog so that your request is correctly routed using the following link:

Services (6)

Colleague, myCamosun and Web Report - Access Request

This form is for Work Place Leaders to request, change, or remove access to Colleague, myCamosun, and related Web Reports.

Colleague, myCamosun and Web report - Support Request

Use this service to get support or report issues with Colleague or myCamosun.

Colleague - Information and Data Requests

Use this form to request a change or enhancement to an existing Web Report, or request a new Web Report.

Colleague and myCamosun - Grade Change Request

Use this service to request a grade change that will be completed by Student Records.

Colleague Student Program Completion Requirement - Change Request

Use this form to request a student specific program substitution, override, or waiver. Student Records will complete the EXOV configuration.

Colleague Legacy and Camlink - Unlock your Legacy account

Use this service to unlock your Colleague Legacy and Camlink Account.