Colleague, Web Report, and ERP Support

This service catalogs outlines services related to access requests and the management Colleague, Camosun's main Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Colleague supports Student, Finance, and Human Resource business processes, as well as self-service functionality through myCamosun and Camlink for students and employees.

The services, available to employees only, that are listed below are maintained by in partnership between the following functional areas: Student, Human Resources, Finance, and ITS.

To report a technical issue, e.g., Colleague appears to be offline, please use a service available within ITS' Service Catalog so that your request is correctly routed using the following link:

Services (6)

Colleague and myCamosun - Grade Change Request

Use this service to request a grade change that will be completed by Student Records.

Colleague and myCamosun - Support Request

Use this service to get support or report issues with Colleague or myCamosun.

Colleague Student Program Completion Requirement - Change Request

Use this form to request a student specific program substitution, override, or waiver. Student Records will complete the EXOV configuration.

Colleague, myCamosun, and Web Report - Access Request

This form is for Work Place Leaders to request, change, or remove access to Colleague, myCamosun, and related Web Reports.

Web Reports - Change Request

Use this form to request a change or enhancement to an existing Web Report, or request a new Web Report.

Colleague Legacy and Camlink - Unlock your Legacy account

Use this service to unlock your Colleague Legacy and Camlink Account.