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About Faculty Connect

Faculty Connect supports continuing members of the Camosun College Faculty Association to submit proposals and complete reports related to Scheduled Development.

Service Overview

This service is available to Camosun employees to report technical issues which impact the systems use.

Service Level Overview

Please note the following information about this service:

  • If you are experiencing a general technical issue, that does not need immediate support or resolution, which you would like to share as feedback on the system please use the following service: Faculty Connect: Feedback
  • Please attach example screen shots and a detail overview of which task you were attempting to complete.
Report an Issue

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Faculty Connect displays "Whoops, looks like something went wrong" when uploading a report. This is a known bug with an established workaround.


Service ID: 686
Mon 9/21/20 1:21 PM
Thu 9/8/22 4:15 PM