U-Pass with Umo Benefit Codes Support

About U-Pass with UMO

BC Transit has launched a new electronic fare system that will affect your bus pass. Starting this Fall, you’ll need to use the new UMO App or a physical BC Transit UMO card to show proof of payment on city buses. Once you claim a Camosun U-Pass UMO Benefit Code you will no longer be able to use your Camosun ID card to get on the bus.

Service Overview

Use this service to report that you are having trouble claiming your Umo Benefit Code within the mycamosunplus.camosun.ca app.

Service Level Overview

Please see the following service level details and other information:

  • If you report an issue claiming your benefit code, your report will be first reviewed by Information Technology Services to review any issues with the service and then transferred to the Registrar's Office to review any issues with your student record to confirm you are eligible for a benefit code.
  • For more information on the U-Pass at Camosun and the Camosun ID Card see the following Camosun.ca webpage: https://camosun.ca/u-pass
  • Please do not use this to request support with the UMO app, for more information on the U-Pass program and to receive support from BC Transit with the UMO app, see the following links:
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