Infosilem - Report a Technical Issue (For DMSS Use Only)

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About Infosilem

Infosilem is an administrative system used for the development of the timetable and for room management by the Registrar's Office.

Service Overview

Use this service to request support or report a technical issue with the Infosilem system.

Click the Request Service link on this page to subject your request.

Service Level Overview

Please note the following information about this service:

  • This service should be used by the Data Management System & Scheduling (DMSS) unit within the Office of the Registrar to report issues with Timetabler, Campus, or the DCU to Information Technology Services.
  • For information on the timetabling process or to request support please visit the Scheduling Hub on SharePoint (
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Service ID: 857
Wed 12/9/20 9:16 AM
Thu 4/6/23 3:38 PM