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About Graphics Services

Full-time Graphic Designers, located in the Lansdowne Printshop, work with College Communications, Student Marketing, Schools and Divisions to design quality marketing, informational, and signage pieces where the impact on the College image is important. Graphic design work is charged at $65/hr, for College work, and $75 per hour for non-college work. Internal billing is completed at the end of each quarter for all completed Graphic Service Requests. If your project has a printed portion, print shop charges will be in addition to your design service costs. 

Service Overview

  • please fill out your Graphic Design Request with as much information as possible. Once submitted your request will be queued within our Graphics work-order system, and assigned to one of the Graphic Designers by the Senior Designer.
  • If you requested a meeting by checking the box within the request, your designer will contact you within a few days.

Service Level Agreements

  • Please note that our Graphic Designers are in high demand, and very fast turn-around times cannot normally be accommodated. Expect a minimum of 2 weeks for new graphics requests.
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