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About the Service Management Portal

The Camosun Service Management Portal is a tool for Camosun Students, Employees, and the public that provides a way to request services from the various Divisions and Departments at Camosun, as well as search for and information on those services in the form of knowledge base articles. This tool has a user-friendly portal that structures services and knowledge base articles into categories.

For more information on the Service Management Portal please see the Service Management Portal Knowledge Base.

Service Overview

Use this service to request support for the Service Management Portal, e.g., if you have a general question or would like to schedule a demo to future understand how this system works.

Click the Request Support link to use this service.

Service Level Overview

Please note the following information about this service:

  • This service is available to Camosun employees for reporting issues with the client side portal.
  • Employees can also use this service to ask questions and get support on the administrative back end.
Request Support


Service ID: 711
Fri 10/9/20 3:32 PM
Thu 9/16/21 12:44 PM