Employee Email Address Format Change Support

Service Overview

Use this service to report technical issues with your email mailbox which may have occurred or get support related to the Username and Email Address Improvement Project. For more information about this project please see the Project Overview page.

Please use the Request Support link to use this service.

About this change

Information Technology Services (ITS) is implementing a change to the format of all employee email addresses, making @camosun.ca the primary email address for employees as opposed to @camosun.bc.ca.

Please see the following example highlighting the scope of this change.

This change is expected to have minimal impacts; however, there may be some impacts with external accounts, mailing lists, systems, or contacts which reference email addresses ending in @camosun.bc.ca. Be assured, you will still be able to receive email that has been sent to @camosun.bc.ca so there is no risk of missing any messages. If you have used your employee email address for a third party service, such as Apple ID or Google, nothing will change with these services and you can continue to use them as normal. If you prefer to simplify your log-in process, you can edit your email address on these third party services to reflect the change to @camosun.ca. 

Service Level Overview

Please note the following information about this service:

  • This service is available for Camosun Employees to report issues related to their email address change and will be available for the duration of the project.
  • Information about this specific project will be available in the ITS Project Knowledge Base.
  • Impacted employees at this time:
    • All Employees
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