Institutional Research (IR)

Institutional Research (IR) provides data-driven insights that inform the college's decision-making processes. They collect, analyze, and report on a wide range of data, including student demographics, enrollment patterns, graduation rates, and student outcomes. These insights inform the college's strategic planning, resource allocation, policy development, and Educational Quality Assurance processes.

Service Overview
Use this service to request data, information, research and survey support from the Institutional Research team.

Services (3)

Research Report Request

Requests for Research Reports or Provincially Required Reporting

Data or Information Request

Please detail the specific data required and the purpose for which the data is being requested.

Survey Support Request

For assistance in accessing the survey tool (Qualtrics), setting up a web-based survey, or analysis of survey results,

Note​​​​​​​: student information, including contact details, may only be used for administrative and statistical research purposes of the College and/or the ministries or agencies of the Government of British Columbia and the Government of Canada. Student information will be protected, used, and disclosed in compliance with those acts.