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About permalinks


What is a permalink?

A permalink is a URL that remains stable over time. Also called persistent links, stable URLs, or document URLs, permalinks can be used to locate specific articles, journals, ebooks, or streaming videos within library databases.

A permalink is different than the URL in the top of your web browser, which is often session-based. Camosun Library permalinks require users to log in so they can access licensed library resources off campus.


Why should I use a permalink?


Your instructor may ask you to provide the permalinks for any library sources you use in a research paper. Using the correct link makes it easier for them to trace your sources.


Using the correct permalink in course reading lists and D2L ensures all students can access the material - whether they're working on campus or remotely.


How do I find the permalink?

When you are searching the library's online resources such as ebooks, articles, or streaming videos, look for the permalink or share options. 

The specific steps will vary depending on the database. Our Troubleshooting e-resources guide includes instructions for finding permalinks in most major library databases.

You can always ask a librarian for help!


How can I identify Camosun Library permalinks?

Look for Camosun's EZproxy prefix:

This is followed by the URL for the specific resource (article, ebook etc.).

For example:

*NOTE: Permalinks from some library e-resources may need to be modified to follow this format.

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