Online Forms - Viewing, Editing, and Exporting Submissions


The Online Form system stores form submissions in a database. If you have permission from your department or supervisor, you may be able to view, edit, delete, or export form submissions.

Log in

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Log In from the main navigation bar.
  3. Log in using your Camosun ID and password.
    • Your profile page is shown after you log in.

Find your form

If you have a direct link to your form from a webpage or in an email, or you know the URL, use it to navigate to your form. Otherwise, locate your form one of two ways:

If your form is open (fields shown; accepting submissions), it is listed on the Open Forms List page unless it is a hidden form. If your form is closed (fields hidden; no submissions accepted), or hidden, you can find it on the Results (Form Search) page. The Results (Form Search) page lists all published forms: open, closed, and hidden.

  1. Select either Open Forms List or Results (Form Search) from the main navigation bar

View form results

Locate the navigation tabs directly under the form title. To view form submissions, select the Results tab.

Important: If you do not see the navigation tabs, your account does not have permission to view submissions for the form.

  • If you believe you should be able to view submissions for the form, update your account by logging out and back in.
  • If this does not work, please report the problem through the ITS Service Portal.

Screen shot of a form showing the location of the results tab

Submissions summary

The Results pages use the administrative interface. To return to your form, select the View tab on the right side of the page.

The submissions summary displays basic information about each form submission, as well as links to ViewEdit, and Delete individual submissions. Depending on your account permissions, Edit or Delete links may be hidden.

Select the Table navigation button to view a table of details for each submission.

Select the Download navigation button to export and download a comma separated values (CSV) spreadsheet of results.

Screen shot of the submissions summary page

Submission detail

Use the View link to see an individual form submission. The submission has a layout similar to that of the form. If your account has permission, use the tab navigation to edit or delete the submission.

Screen shot of form submission detail


The Analysis page provides basic information collected from all form submissions.

Table view

The Table page displays the full information collected from each submission in a table. If your form contains a large number of fields, you may have to scroll side-to-side to view all data. To view the detail page for a submission, select the submission ID (SID) from the # column.

Screen shot of the table view page

Download (export)

You can export form submissions to a comma-separated values (CSV) spreadsheet for use in Microsoft Excel or other applications.

Important: Do not change the export format from Delimited text. The Microsoft Excel export format does not work correctly and may cause errors when opening the file in Excel.

The default settings on the download page are recommended for most people, but you can change the following options:

  • the field delimeter, using the Delimited text format drop-down;
  • how data for multiple selection fields (drop-downs, checkboxes) is grouped, with Select List Options;
  • which fields are included, with Included Export Components; and
  • which submissions are included in the export, with Download Range Options.

In most cases, you can use the default settings.

Screen shot of the download page   Screen shot of the download page showing download range options

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