Eduroam setup for Windows

General instructions for Windows

Specific steps may vary slightly depending on the version of Windows you use, and is considerably simpler in newer versions of Windows.

Simple Setup for Windows 10/11

  1. Left-click on the network icon at the bottom right
    • it may look like a globe 
    • the wireless icon
    • or a rectangle
  2. Click on "Eduroam"
  3. Put a checkmark in Automatically Connect 
  4. Click Connect
  5. Enter your Eduroam username ( and password
  6. Click OK


Full configuration settings (for older versions of Windows)

  1. Open the Control Panel and locate the Network and Sharing Center
  2. Select Set up a new connection or network then Manually connect to a wireless network
  3. Enter the following information then click Next:
    1. Network name: eduroam
    2. Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
    3. Encryption type: AES
    4. Checked: Start this connection automatically
    5. Select Change connection settings to open the eduroam Wireless Network Properties dialogue box
    6. Select the Security tab and verify the following:
      1. Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
      2. Encryption type: AES
      3. Network authentication method: Microsoft - Protected EAP (PEAP)
      4. Checked: Remember my credentials for this connection each time I’m logged on
  4. Select the Settings button and verify the following:
    1. Checked:  Validate server certificate & GoDaddy Root CA (in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities list)
    2. Select Authentication Method: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
    3. Select the Configure… button:
      1. Unchecked:  Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)
  5. Click OK to close the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties dialogue box
  6. Click OK to close the Protected EAP Properties dialogue box
  7. Select Advanced settings in the eduroam Wireless Network Properties dialogue box
  8. Under the 802.1X settings tab:
    1. Checked: Specify authentication mode
    2. Authentication mode: User authentication
    3. Click OK to close the eduroam Wireless Network Properties dialogue box
  9. Click Close to finish the Manually connect to a wireless network process
  10. Select the wireless icon on the Windows taskbar, then select eduroam and connect
  11. Enter your Eduroam username and password in the Windows Security dialogue box and click OK
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