Connecting to VPN (Mac)

Click here to download the Mac VPN Software 
Install it as you would any other software. Follow the prompts, click Continue a few times and it should complete. If it asks for a username/password, use your Mac username/password rather than your Camosun one.
In your Dock you should see an icon like this:

 - double-click it.
Enter for the server name, then click Connect.
Enter your Camosun C-number and password.
Please read the message and then click OK.
You are now connected to the VPN.
To access specific drives, follow these directions:
At the Mac OS X desktop, click on the "Go" menu
Then choose the "Connect to Server" option
If you are mapping a shared resource drive …

  • In the server address input box type the following: smb://
  • If that doesn't work, try: cifs://  

Note: replace SharedDriveName with the actual name of the shared drive.
In both these cases you will get a window asking you to enter your username/password. For username, use , and use your regular password.

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