PDF forms not opening, Error message = "Please wait . . ."


Can't open PDF forms

Can't open PDF forms

Error message: 

This occurs not because of your Adobe version, but because the web browsers insist upon opening the files with their built-in viewers, which are unable to handle fillable PDF forms.
There used to be a means of automatically telling the browsers to skip the internal viewer and open directly in Adobe Reader/Acrobat, but unfortunately that's not the case anymore for Firefox or Internet Explorer. The only way around this is to download the file (right-click anywhere in the "Please wait…" message and select "Save As") and then open it from the download location. Chrome does have this feature.
-Go into Chrome Control Sidebar (3 dots)
-Scroll to the bottom click on Advanced
-Under Privacy And Security - Click on "Site Settings"

- Scroll way down to PDF Documents

- Enable "Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome"

Right-click anywhere in the error message and click Save As, and choose a location/filename as usual. If you saved it to the Downloads folder, you can then click on the … and select Downloads. You may or may not see the file here, but you can click on "Open folder" to go to the Downloads folder and double-click on the file to open it in Acrobat or Reader (whichever is your system default).


Firefox offers a bit of a shortcut. You can click on "Open With Different Viewer" at the upper right.

In the Save dialog box, select "Open With", and your default PDF viewer should be in the dropdown menu. Click OK, and your PDF should open - properly - in Acrobat or Reader.

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