Connecting to Eduroam - Apple iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

While we only provide support for iOS 8 or newer, you should be able to connect to Eduroam on older versions of iOS. Steps shown below may be different for older versions.

1. Open Settings
2. Select the Wi-Fi category
3. Tap eduroam in the list of wireless networks
4. Enter your Eduroam username and password in the dialogue box that opens and tap Join
5. If a Could not scan for wireless networks alert is shown, tap Dismiss

You may see an Certificate screen stating or is not trusted. As long as you’re connected to Eduroam on-campus it should be okay to trust this certificate, however, it’s possible you’re not connected to an official Camosun wireless access point. If you have any concerns about trusting the certificate, tap Cancel and connect to the Camosun wireless network.

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