Windows Updates: Forced Reboots and Best Practices for Using Camosun Laptops

Microsoft releases critical security patch updates on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  Information Technology Services (ITS) is the first group to receive these updates for testing and assessment.  

On the 3rd Tuesday of every month patches are sent out to all other Camosun owned laptops.

  • Once your computer connects to the VPN or college network it will receive the updates
  • Your system will install the updates and restart, if it is connected to the internet and powered up between 10pm and 6am
  • If this condition is not met, then you will begin to see notifications that updates are ready to be installed and a reboot is necessary
  • You will be able to snooze these messages and delay the reboot for up to 7 days; you can reboot your computer any time that is convenient for you
  • After 7 days, if your system has not been rebooted then you will receive a 60 minute countdown notice of a forced reboot, that you will not be able to snooze or close

To avoid a forced reboot and to ensure your laptop receives updated patches or instructions about how or when to apply these patches, it is best practice and recommended to do the following on a weekly basis, ideally on a Wednesday or Thursday.  

  1. Connect to the Camosun network at least once a week using VPN 

  1. Shut down and restart your laptop at least once a week 

  1. Check for windows updates and manually apply them  

  • Open the Settings for your computer. This can be found on the Start Menu represented by the gear-shaped icon. 

  • In the Settings window, look for the section called “Updates & Security” and select it. 

  • The window will show the update status of your system and whether your system needs to have updates installed or if your system is waiting to be rebooted. At this point, you can follow the instructions shown on screen. If your system is up to date, then there is nothing more to be done at this time and you can simply close the window.  



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