Best Practices - Securing Home Network

Securing Your Home Network - Basic

For most households, the primary "box" that you get Internet access from is provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This box, called a modem, usually comes pre-configured with a Wi-Fi password that is on a sticker somewhere on the box. If you are going to take any one suggestion, it would be to change that password to something more secure. You may also notice other credentials that are on that sticker other than the Wi-Fi password. These credentials will allow you to log-in to the "box" and make further changes. It is highly recommended that you change this password as well. If you need help with this, phone your ISP to ask for assistance. 

Securing Your Home Network - Advanced

For those comfortable with adjusting settings on your modem then you may want to consider performing the following:

  • Configure CIRA Canadian Shield by changing your DNS settings. Follow this guide
  • Create a guest Wi-Fi network and ensure that is the one any guests use
  • Ensure that your modem is up-to-date by checking for updated regularly

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