Email Format Changes from to

Status Update - Complete

The change noted in this Knowledge Base article has been completed. All Camosun employee email accounts should now be in the format of

The Change

Currently, your employee email is in the format of Your email address will be shortened to

Why are we doing this change?

To simplify how you interact with technology on Campus and prepare for updates to employee user names.

What you need to know

  1. You will still receive any emails sent to your previous address so there is no risk of missing a message.
  2. Any messages you send, will come only from the new format.
  3. If you have used your previous email address to create an account for a 3rd party service (for example, Apple ID), you will still need to use the old format until you make a change with that 3rd party account. (You can still use these services as normal, but you may want to consider changing your email address associated to the new format for simplicity.)
  4. You should inform your external contacts of the email address change.
  5. While we do not expect there to be any major issues, there is potential for confusion and road bumps. If you do encounter any issues, please reach out to the ITS Service Desk.

Example of the Change

Please see the following table which outlines the changes to our email addresses. In this example, the email address was and has been changed to

Employee Email Address

Email Address To: Field



After Change

Detailed Overview

The following is a detailed overview of employee email account provisioning, the email format change, and future changes to user accounts.

ITS provisions an email account to all employees. Each employee has a single mailbox with a primary and secondary email address. Currently, the primary email address ends in while the secondary email address ends in Emails sent to and will arrive in the same email inbox.

ITS is planning to change the order of the email addresses so that will be the primary email address and will the secondary email address. After this change is made you will notice that your email address, i.e., the email address in the To field, will have the ending as opposed to

This change is being made to support on-going Identity and Access Management (IDAM) initiatives being planned around user accounts and email addresses managed by ITS. It is our aim to continue to improve our services and service delivery by aligning our service offerings, e.g., employee email, with industry best practices as well as existing Camosun policies and branding guidelines. Email address naming conventions are governed by section 13.8.2 of the Standards of Conduct policy in concert with the branding guidelines established on the Website Content Style Guide, see Common Terms.

Please note, we expect this change to have minimal impacts and in the process of testing. If you have any questions or require any additional information on this change initiative, please email for more information.


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