Display Name changes

Status Update

This change has been completed.

Display Name Changes

The purpose of this knowledge base article is to inform you of an upcoming change to how your name will be displayed across the computers, systems, and apps you use at Camosun. Additionally, this email will overview the guidelines and provide links to additional resources to ensure that your name is displayed correctly.

What you need to know

  1. Starting on Thursday, May 5, 2022, the college will begin to change the source of information we use when displaying your name.
  2. Display names will be, first, based on a person’s chosen name and, then, one’s legal name, if a chosen name is not provided or completely filled in. (If you wish to use a chosen name you must fill in both chosen first and chosen last names, unless you go by a single name.)
  3. You will be responsible for ensuring that your chosen name is completely filled in (see ‘How can I set my chosen name?’ below) and that it is in accordance with Acceptable Technology Use policies if you choose to set a chosen name.
  4. This change will take time to update in our systems meaning that name changes may not take immediate effect.
  5. We will be making this change to our systems over time. (The first change will be to our Microsoft systems, e.g., Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Outlook. After that change we will continue to make these changes within additional systems.)

Common Questions

Why are you making this change?

This change is being made for several reasons. Primarily Camosun College recognizes and supports that many members of its community may choose to use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. Additionally, this change supports a number of identity management initiatives to improve IT service delivery.

Where is a display name shown?

A display name is the name that is generally seen when a person signs into a computer or system and the user profile area of an application.

Do I need to set my chosen name?

No. If you choose not to set your chosen name your legal name will be used as the default display name.

How do I set my chosen name correctly?

The following guidelines should be followed when setting your chosen name:

  1. Chosen last name must be set if a chosen first name is provided.
  2. If you have only one name, chosen last name must be set.
  3. Personal pronouns and special characters should not be added to the chosen name fields.*

* Adding personal pronouns to your online identity is not available at this time. Special characters that should not be used are: \ / : * ? " < > | @ , ;

Where can I set my chosen name?

You can set your chosen name using myCamosun.


How do I set my chosen name?

Please see the following article that contains information on How to set your chosen name.

What about a chosen middle name?

While this can be set within myCamosun this name will not be incorporated into your display name.

Is there anything else I should know?

The College reserves the right to remove any chosen name that is deemed to be inappropriate, derogatory, or misrepresentative (i.e., a chosen name is being used in an attempt to avoid legal obligations or confuse one's identity with that of another). Intentional misuse of the chosen name option may be subject to disciplinary action through the Standards of Conduct policy.


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