How do I add 1 or more file(s) to an incident/ticket?

Adding attachments in the Ticket Request

  • When you are creating your ticket and are ready to attach files, click on Browse under Attachment.

  • Now you will need to browse to the folder where your files are located. You can either add all the files at once, or you can select one at a time. If you want to select them all at once then you will need to press Control A and then click Open.


  • If you would only like to select Picture 1 and Picture 5 then you will need to select Picture 1 and then while holding down the Control key click on Picture 5Then click Open. You can select as many in the folder as you wish, but you cannot switch to another folder.


  • You can also add each file one at a time. Select a file then click Open.  Now click on Request. You will see the following:

  • To add the additional files you will have to open the incident after the Request is created. Click on View the request you just created.


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