Microsoft's recent change to their policy on auto forwarding

In terms of Camosun's policies -

Protection of Privacy: O-6.1


It is the policy of Camosun College that the College will collect, use, disclose, retain, dispose, protect, and otherwise manage information within its custody and control in accordance and compliance with the Act andother federal and  provincial statutes and regulations. The head of the public body shall oversee, and may delegate authority as deemed appropriate to manage information, privacy, and related functions of the College. Personal information shall only be used for the purpose for which it was collected or for related purposes subsequent to this policy and requirements of the Act.

The security of personal information is paramount to Camosun College and measures will be taken to ensure personal information is secure at all times. Security measures include, but are not limited to: secure facilities, controlled areas, restricted user access, password protection, firewalls, encryption software, locked file cabinets, and best practices deployed by College officials which respect the confidentiality and security of personal information.

The other policy is the Standards of Conduct:

This policy applies to all employees at the College. Section 15 of this policy continues to apply to individuals after they have left Camosun.


College resources means any College-owned resources that are made available to employees to assist them in performing their work or in conducting the work of Camosun College including, but not limited to:

• equipment, tools, and vehicles

• computers/tablets, telephones/cell phones or other electronic communication devices

• printers/faxes/photocopiers

• mail/courier/printing services

• use of buildings/shops/facilities

• email/internet or other College computer software or electronic programs


Standards of Conduct: O-5.11 Page 8 of 12

• office supplies


Incidental personal use of College resources is acceptable but is limited to responsible activity that minimizes disruption of College business while attending to necessary personal affairs. Incidental Personal Use is defined as any personal use of College-owned resources that:

• is infrequent and brief;

• does not have a negative impact on overall employee productivity;

• does not interfere with the normal operations of an employee’s department or work unit;

• does not compromise the College in any way; and

• does not contravene any elements of this policy


13.6 While members of the College Community are granted access to computing resources for Camosun related activity and may use computing resources for the purpose of fulfilling their responsibilities, the College reserves the right to limit, restrict or extend privileges and access.

In summary -

Even though this was possible in the past, it is not possible nor is it desirable now. We have a regulatory obligation to protect sensitive data and we have no way to confirm that any college emails being forwarded won't contain documents or data which are sensitive or contain personal information.

Forwarding emails within our own domain is okay, but out to the other email providers is not best practice nor does it comply with our regulatory, privacy and security requirements.


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