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Meetings and Online Collaboration

Please see the following comparison for our virtual meeting and online collaboration tools.

Comparison Microsoft Teams Zoom (Meetings) Blackboard Collaborate
BC FIPPA Compliance Partial* Yes Yes
Employee Accounts Accounts:
- Yes
- Yes
Instructors use
Collaborate within D2L
Student Accounts, and
Meeting Attendance
- No

Meeting Attendance:
- Yes, via shared link
- No

Meeting Attendance:
- Via shared link
- Sign-in may be required
- No

Session Attendance:
- Via link within D2L
- Via shared guest link
Usage Administrative Meetings Instruction and Administrative Meetings Instruction
Video, Audio, and Text Chat Yes
- Persistent workspace
Yes Yes
- Chat can be
downloaded by
Concurrent Video Feeds 49 49 25
Breakout Rooms Yes Yes Yes
Typical Size 2-300 2-300 1-500
Telephone Access Limited (Select accounts) Yes Yes
Additional Security - Waiting Room - Meeting Passcodes
- Require signing in with a Camosun ID
- Require a Zoom account
- Waiting Room
- Attendee Registration
- Student access is
via D2L requiring sign-in
Recordings Available Yes
- Recordings available
- Recordings available
- Chat included
- Recordings available to
instructors and students
Retention Policy No Yes

Recorded video:
- 120 Days

Live Events and Webinars

Please see the following comparison for our Live Events and Webinar tools.

Comparison Microsoft Teams (Live Events) Zoom (Webinar) - Coming Soon
BC FIPPA Compliance Partial* Yes
Video, Audio, and Text Chat - One way video and audio by panellists to attendees.
- Q&A functionality available
- One way video and audio by panellists to attendees.
- Attendee audio can be allowed.
- Attendee video not possible.
- Q&A and Chat functionality available.
- Polling functionality available.
Typical Size 25-10,000 25-1000
Telephone Access No Yes
- Receiving only
Breakout Rooms No No
Security Settings - Unique Host and Panelist join links.
- Public, Org-Wide (employee), or Invite Only (employee).
- Unique Host and Panelist join links.
- Meeting Passcodes
- Public, Camosun ID Required, Zoom account Required
- Waiting Room
- Attendee Registration
Recordings Available Yes

*Microsoft Teams and BC FIPPA Compliance.

Post-secondary institutions, as well as other public bodies, have received a Ministerial Order, i.e., Ministerial Order No. 85, to utilize platforms which may not fully comply with BC FIPPA compliant which allow for the protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of British Columbia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft Teams has been utilized during this time for this purpose.

The following table which outlines elements of Microsoft Teams and their current level of BC FIPPA Compliance.

Functionality Compliant Description
Video and Audio Yes Microsoft Teams' video and audio is hosted in Canada.
Chat No Microsoft Teams' chat does send via the United States.
Information Technology Services is working with Microsoft to move our Microsoft Teams application fully within Canada.


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