Zoom - Request a Zoom Webinar License for an Upcoming Virtual Event

About Zoom Webinars

Zoom is a conferencing tool that offers video, audio, and screen-sharing capabilities across multiple platforms. Zoom Webinars ideal for broadcast events, e.g., large audiences or events that are open to the public, where attendees do not interact with one another. This differs from a Zoom Meeting interactive sessions where you’ll want to have lots of audience participation or break your session into smaller groups.

For more information on Zoom please see ITS' Zoom Knowledge Base articles.

Service Overview

Use this service to request a Zoom Webinar License to host an upcoming event using Zoom.

ITS manages a Zoom Webinar license, which are available for Camosun employees to use to host special events. By using this service ITS will review your request and determine if the Zoom Webinar license is available. If the Zoom license is available ITS will add you the license to your Camosun-issued Zoom account which will allow you to schedule your Zoom Webinar event.

To use this service click the Request a Webinar button on this page.

Service Level Overview

Please note the following information about this service:

  • ITS requires seven days notice on creating Zoom Webinar events on your behalf.
  • ITS will assign a Webinar license, if available, to create the Webinar event.
  • ITS will ensure that the Host has the Webinar license five business days before the event is to take place.
  • ITS will remove the license from the Host one business day after the event has occurred.  If any recordings were created, it will need to be downloaded by the Host before the license is removed.
  • Communication and Marketing should be aware of all public events.
  • The requesting department is responsible for organizing host and panelists, as well as any back end set up for the Webinar.
  • To be a Webinar Host a Licensed Account is required.
  • Zoom Webinars do not have breakout room functionality.
  • Camosun's implementation of Zoom is BC FIPPA compliant, ensuring that communication, chat, and recorded videos remain in Canada.
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