Audio Visual (AV) supports classroom technology and equipment requests, photo and video services, as well as AV equipment lending.

Services (6)

AV Equipment Loans

The Audiovisual Services loans out equipment on a short–term basis including digital cameras, camcorders, tripods, audio recording devices and more. If we dug around deep enough we could probably find you a filmstrip projector.

You’ll need a Camosun ID card to borrow equipment. Book your AV devices through the ITS Service Portal .

AV Events

AV Events

Classroom Tech Orientation

Learn about classroom technology in any classroom on campus.

Classroom Technology Equipment - Report an Issue

Report an issue with classroom technology equipment in ITS-supported classrooms. ITS will have a technician available ASAP to assist you.

Zoom - Request a Zoom Webinar License for an Upcoming Virtual Event

Camosun employees can use this service to request a Zoom Webinar license to host an event.

Zoom - Sign in to Zoom and Get an Account (Employees Only)

Camosun employees can use the following service link to sign in to their Camosun issued Zoom account.