Kaltura is used for recording audio, video, and presentations. Videos can then be published for either public or private viewing.

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I Need Help With Course Media

Struggling with your Course Media? Wanting to create a playlist? Just fill out this form and we'll help!

I Need Help with Kaltura Capture

Struggling to use Kaltura Capture for recording things on your screen as well as a video / voiceover? Kaltura Capture is great for this, but can be tricky!

I Need Help With My Media

Need help uploading videos in My Media? Or something else? Just let us know!

I Need Help with Video Captions (REV)

Struggling with captions? Want help to create them (with REV Captioning Support)?

My Media / Course Media is Down

Cannot access My Media and/or Course Media

Where are my Videos?

Trying to find your videos that you created?

Other Kaltura Help

Can't find the service you need? Just click here and we'll help!