ITS provides server and network support including Wi-Fi, wired, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access and other services to meet your needs.

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Camosun's Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Camosun Virtual Private Network (VPN) available to students, faculty, and staff provides remote access to those Camosun systems which are typically only available from on campus. Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client software is used.

Wired Internet

ITS provides data ports that are connected for wired Internet, providing a reliable and high-speed connection. ITS recommends, where possible, that Faculty and Staff connect to wired Internet while on campus.

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

ITS provided Wi-Fi service allows students, faculty, staff, and guests to connect to the Internet on wireless devices. Request support for the Camosun, Camosun Guest, and Eduroam wireless networks.

Virtual Machine and Server Support

ITS support for virtual machines and other server infrastructure for the delivery and support of online learning.